I’m in a rollercoaster of emotion right now. Everything’s hitting me at once- Stress, anxiety, nervousness, sadness, excitement, happiness, and just flat out overwhelmed.

The money is going to come in and right back out tomorrow.

I just left a job I’ve been at almost a year with a pretty good retention in clients and hardly any drama.

I’m scared to death Glenn’s gonna be at work all weekend and I really, really need him around.

I’m nervous about moving to a town where I know no one.

But, I’m excited too. I have high hopes for lots of opportunities. And, at least I’ll be closer to my grandma this summer. Hoping to see lot’s of her! I am hoping to find my ultimate dream job, and have little drama there too!

I am sad also, because I feel like I’ve been a crappy friend. Or maybe I just have crappy friends. Or both.

I know it’s just as hard to have a friendship as it is a committed relationship. Any kind of relationship takes effort on both parts. It’s easier to just be wrapped up in your own life- which I admit I’m definitely guilty of that. I should just be thankful I have a handful of amazing friends that are there when I need them to be!

I also have something else on my mind and it’s going to sound so ridiculous- but I have to say it.

I’m nervous and sad and scared because we’ll have very little money in our budget for groceries. Why does the crappiest food out there have to be the cheapest? We are probably going to eat like crap the first month we move, and I absolutely hate that. And I know for a fact that I’m going to gain weight. I realize now that eating processed garbage was a big part of the reason I was heavy growing up. Hamburger helper, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese were all a big part of my diet growing up. (Not to down my mom, she worked HARD just to provide that for us girls growing up and she did her best… but with genetics playing a big part of it, too, it didn’t sit well with me!) But now that I know that those foods hinder me and cause me to gain weight, it’s so hard to go back to it even though financially I’m almost forced to. I see so many ad campaigns for the problems with America’s obesity… but it’s almost like the government wants us to be fat. Why not make health foods a little more attainable for the everyday people? There’s a reason behind it all, I know it.

Anyway… thanks for reading guys! I feel much better after getting all of that off my chest. Getting ready to hit the sack, tomorrow’s a new day and a very busy one at that! 🙂